Cookies Policy

Below you will find information on how LionMint GmbH (“we”) use cookies and similar technologies on this website.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to our placing cookies and other similar technologies on your device, including your mobile device. Your continued use of your mobile device to access this website constitutes your consent to the collection of the following information: your unique device identification, the IP address of your mobile device, information about your device’s operating system, your mobile operator, and your location information (as permitted by applicable law).

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of information; they are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website and enable a page to recognize your device.

Why do we use cookies and similar technologies?

Cookies perform a variety of different tasks, such as enabling you to effectively navigate between different pages, remember your priorities and generally improve the user experience. They can also help make the advertising you see online more relevant to you and your interests.

Does LionMint use cookies for marketing and analysis?

Yes, we may use the information collected by our cookies to identify user behavior, to submit content and offers based on your profile and for the other purposes described below, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Some of the cookies we use do not collect information to identify a visitor. For example:

Targeting cookies (see below) if you are not a registered user.

In other cases, we may associate the information collected by the cookies (including information from the cookies that we have placed on third party websites through our advertising) with an identifiable person. For example:

If we send you a targeted email containing web beacons, cookies or similar technologies, we will know if you open, read or delete this message.

When you click on a link in a marketing email you receive from LionMint, we also use a cookie to track what pages you are viewing and what content you are downloading from our websites, even if you are not registered or registered on our site.

Combination and evaluation of personal data: As described above, we may combine data from publicly available sources with data from our various emails, websites and personal interactions with you, including information collected across our various websites, such as our career or corporate  sites, or when you sign in or log in to our sites or connect to our sites using your social media recommendations (such as LinkedIn and Xing). Furthermore, this may include information that we receive from the evaluation of the cookies contained on our pages or from third party companies.

We combine this information to better review your experience with LionMint and to perform the other activities described in our privacy policy.

Do you use third party cookies?

Some of the cookies we use come from third party companies such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, Xing and LinkedIn Analytics, which provide us with web analytics and information about our sites. These companies use a programming code to collect information about your interaction with our sites, such as the pages you visit, the links you click on, and the time you spend on our sites. This code is only active when you visit a LionMint website. For more information on how these companies collect and use information on our behalf, we refer to their respective privacy policies:

Google at,
LinkedIn at,
at and

What if I do not want cookies?

By using our website, you agree that we may place cookies on your device, as explained below. If you wish to remove existing cookies from your device, you can do so using your browser options. If you wish to block the future placement of cookies on your device, you can change your browser settings accordingly. At present, “Do Not Track” initiatives are not recognized by us.

Please remember that deleting and blocking cookies will affect your user experience, as parts of the site may no longer function. Unless you have set your browser settings to block cookies, our system issues cookies as soon as you visit our site or click on a link in a targeted e-mail sent to you by us; this applies even if you have previously deleted all our cookies.

What types of cookies are there and which are used by the site?

Below is a list of all cookies used on this page, sorted by category. Within the four categories listed below, cookies are classified as either session cookies or persistent cookies.

“Session” cookies exist only temporarily and are deleted from your device as soon as you close your browser window.

“Persistent” cookies remain on your device for a longer period of time and are used by the website to identify your device on your return. For more information about cookies, please visit

LionMint uses both session cookies and persistent cookies.